The Well- A Nation In Decline- August 10, 2022

Weather report from heaven: Sunny and bright with an abundance of light, and lots of singing and rejoicing. Scripture– “Has a nation ever changed its gods? (Yet they are not gods at all.) But my people have exchanged their glorious God for worthless idols. Be appalled at this, you heavens, and shudder with great horror,” […]

Written By Doug Hall

On August 10, 2022

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Weather report from heaven: Sunny and bright with an abundance of light, and lots of singing and rejoicing.

Scripture– “Has a nation ever changed its gods? (Yet they are not gods at all.) But my people have exchanged their glorious God for worthless idols. Be appalled at this, you heavens, and shudder with great horror,” declares the Lord. “My people have committed two sins: They have forsaken me, the spring of living water, and have dug their own cisterns, broken cisterns that cannot hold water.”- Jeremiah 2:11-13

Insight: I think almost everyone I know would agree that we are living in some very difficult times right now in America. We are clearly a Nation in decline. Our freedom has been used against us by mostly godless and many evil people who saw the opportunity to use that sacred freedom for their own nefarious means. They are using power and control to move our Country out of the center of God’s will and into a godless abyss. When Countries turn away from a firm foundation built on God at their center, historically bad things tend to follow. Our entire Country is already reeling from the effects of this systematic unraveling of America as a Country which was founded on Judeo-Christian values. God is under attack in America, so our very culture is under attack. Boys are calling themselves girls, and then competing in girls sports. Sexually deviancy is being taught to young children by our own public schools that our taxes fund. They say follow the science around Covid-19 vaccines, and then dare to mock God’s ability to create men and women in His own image ( Genesis 1:27) the most scientifically irrefutable fact in all of science, by telling young kids their sexuality is based on emotions.  I mean who could have imagined that the once beloved Disney Corporation could become a company more focused on pushing transgenderism than on entertainment? What a mess, but this is what happens when you kick God out of a society, and replace  Him with false gods, which in America would include a type of modern form of Authoritarian  government control, the complete opposite of the principles upon which we were founded, where the people had the power and the Government was put in place to serve us. Government for the people, of the people and by the people has been replaced by government hell bent on controlling the people. Oh Lord help save us from the consequences of this hostile takeover.

So, how did we get here? Well, from a Biblical standpoint, it seems rather straightforward, and based on world history, it really isn’t surprising. You see, Nations have a way of turning away from God during prosperous times. It happened constantly throughout Israel’s history and it has happened here in America today. When times are tough, we all need God to come through for us. But when times get good, we often mistakenly want to take credit for the blessings, and then foolishly we forget Who was really responsible in the first place, and then the cycle of pain begins all over again, as a nation not built on the foundation of dependence upon God cannot last for very long. Psalm 9:15 tells the fate of such Nations: “The nations have fallen into the pit they have dug; their feet are caught in the net they have hidden.

In the scriptures above from Jeremiah 2:11-13, we see that Israel turned away from the One true God, and instead tried to follow gods of their own making. But they weren’t gods at all, just foolish symbols or broken cisterns that could not hold the Living Water that was Jesus, the coming Messiah. This opened the door for Israel’s collapse and exile into Babylonian exile. We have done the same in America. We have kicked God out of the back door and let satan enter through the front door. How else could you explain the chaos we see all around us? How else could men be called ladies, and allowed to play in women’s sports,  little children being accused of being racist by an evil school curriculum, people actually calling for defunding of police, the very stability of any functioning community, and Political Leaders insisting on using taxpayer money to fund abortion, which has led to the killing over over 5o million unborn children in America over the last 50 years.  This is the very definition of Isaiah 5:20 when he said “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.” 

We are a Country that is living in spiritual darkness right now, and the only answer is a return to the One who made us great to begin with. Revival is our only hope, but it is possible with God. All things are possible with God.  David remembered God’s sovereignty over all the Nations of the earth in Psalm 22:28 when he wrote “for dominion belongs to the Lord and he rules over the nations.” Israel learned these lessons many times during her history, and the consequences of rejecting God were always severe. But when things were awful, they would cry out to the Lord, and He would come to rescue His people. Jeremiah 31:6 says “There will be a day when watchmen cry out on the hills of Ephraim, ‘Come, let us go up to Zion, to the Lord our God.” They would realize the futility of their ways, and the Lord would over time begin to heal their land again. That is where we are right now in America in my estimation. Psalm 46:6 says “Nations are in uproar, kingdoms fall; he lifts his voice, the earth melts.  Psalm 47:8 reminds us who is really in control “God reigns over the nations; God is seated on his holy throne” We have reached a point in America today where we can’t rely on our wealth, our comfort, our leaders or anything else to rescue us. We need to cry out to the Lord to save us. We need to restore Him to His proper place in the center of our culture. Then, and only then if it is the Lord’s will, can we begin to heal from all of the division that the enemy has sown into our once great land.

Prayer: Father God, help us to turn back to You and acknowledge how much we need you. We repent of the sins of our land that have led to the slaughter of millions of unborn children, and many other atrocious acts, and we confess today how our foolish pride has led us astray. Please Father God, begin to restore our land and heal all the things that divide us.In Jesus’ mighty name we pray.  Amen!


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